Where Can I Find A Moving Company In The Hague?

Relocation Tips | 2/5/19 | 2 Minutes read time

Tips for finding a Moving Company in The Hague

Living in The Hague is great; a very international city, close to the beach, and just far enough from the raunchy capitalcheeky of Amsterdam. The Hague is a very dynamic city as well, with lots of people coming and going every day. One day, you will be there. So where do you go when you need to move house in The Hague, or move to the Hague from abroad?

What to keep in mind:

Go Local

Moving in The Hague can be a challenge. The city center is difficult to navigate even in the best of times. Just imagine going about with a big fat moving truck! The Hague is also the seat of the Dutch government, and home to many international organizations like in International Court of Justice. This means a steady stream of VIP visitors, with motorcades and closed-off streets, and those can be an unfortunate hindrance to your move. Local moving companies in The Hague are familiar with these issues, and know how to deal with them.

Decide on your budget

Starting a moving company in the Netherlands is easy. It sometimes seems that a new relocation company is born every day. This means there are all sorts and kinds of relocation companies, ranging from student-run budget moving companies to high-end professionals. Prices can vary widely, depending on the company, the season, and the amount of stuff you need to ship. Decide on a maximum budget before you move, and stick to it.

Plan your move well in advance

Even though there are many moving companies, there are still more people on the move. So plan your move far in advance, at least a month if you can. An earlier booking also gives you a better deal!

Report your move

Whenever you move in The Hague or to The Hague you have to report your relocation to the municipality. This is even more important in The Hague then in other cities due to the many international organizations and embassies. Make sure the city knows where you are!

Do you need help with your relocation in The Hague?

Check out ScanMovers.com, an independent moving platform, founded in 2016. On the website of ScanMovers.com you can compare local moving companies for free and without any obligations.

All moving companies in The Hague that are working ScanMovers have been carefully screened, and we are using an independent relocation-company review system.

It works very simple: fill in your relocation data, make an estimate on how much stuff you have, and within a few hours you will receive tailor-made relocation offers from reliable moving companies in The Hague. Made your choice? Book immediately, and you are ready to move!

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