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YES, you have finally found a new home! You have managed to find a new location, a place that suits you perfectly. After you celebrated this beautiful moment, it's time to start taking a look at all the other matters that need to be arranged. In other words, let's talk money. How do you move to your new dream house as cheaply as possible? ScanMovers has put together 5 saving tips on how to save on your moving costs.


 #1. Packing and unpacking your boxes yourself  

To save moving costs it is important to do as much as possible yourself. If you visit your new home a number of times in advance, you can already move a number of items during these visits. In addition, you can help the mover on the big moving day and ensure that all moving boxes are already packed and ready to go. The mover then brings your belongings to the new address, puts all the moving boxes in the space you designated and you can start unpacking the moving boxes yourself. Who knows, your friends and/or relatives might even want to help!


 #2. Moving on a weekday

The second for saving on moving costs, is moving on a weekday instead of moving in the weekend. When moves are planned on a weekend, moving companies often charge an extra supplement due to the weekends being more busy for movers. If it is impossible for you to move during the week, try to plan your move on Saturday. After all, moving on a Sunday is still a tad more expensive. However, most companies give their employees an extra day off for a move on a weekday. So check this with your employer before you start to compare moving companies. Perhaps you are lucky and can move the boxes during the week.


 #3: Schedule you move far in advance

In the Netherlands we have the saying: A good start makes half the work! With a clear planning, your chances of unforeseen costs are reduced as much as possible. By planning, you give yourself time to prepare the entire move and to prevent any sudden extra costs. Arranging everything at the last moment can result in hasty and worong decisions, resulting in possible higher moving costs. Did you, for example, think of a temporary parkingpermit or renting a moving lift? When you start planning your move on time, you also have a bigger choice in different moving companies. Start as soon as possible with comparing  moving companies to keep the moving costs as low as possible!


 #4: Request a moving compensation

In some moving situations you are entitled to a moving compensation. This could be the case if you are forced to move due to certain circumstances. Consider, for example, moving due to mandatory activities on a rented house, an expatriate move or a move due to a sudden handicap. Click here to check whether you are entitled to a moving compensation. This saving tip can lead to low final moving costs for your move. 


 #5: Comparing movers with ScanMovers

Moving with the help of a moving company can sometimes be expensive. Therefore, in order to save on moving costs, it's a good idea to request a number of moving offers from various moving companies and to weigh all options out against each other. This way, you can be sure that you will not miss an advantageous moving offers and you'll have the option to choose the moving company that suits your needs best.

However, this process can be time-consuming and stressful. For this reason we would like to help you. ScanMovers is the first independent online platform that compares all available movers specifically for your move. You give us your moving details and we make sure that movers in different price categories within 24 hours can issue a tailor-made quotation, free of charge!


Do you still have any questions regarding moving, comparing moving quotes or ScanMovers process? Please get in contact with us and we will help you the best we can!

Good luck with your move!

Team ScanMovers

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