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Review badge

We have also recently made the ScanMovers revision badge available. This can be placed on your website so that everyone can see that you always deliver quality! The visibility of the review score will increase the reliability of your company and you will also be more visible on Google. This will of course increase your customer base!


ScanMovers Insurance & Warranty Certificate

After a long wait, the time has come. Now you, as a partner of ScanMovers, can offer removal insurance via our platform:


Competitive premium per job!


Deductible only €100,-



Insured up to €100,000

As a ScanMovers partner, you no longer have to worry about arranging removal insurance. We do this for you, in cooperation with an independent claims expert! As a result, as a moving company, you will only benefit from the advantages! You don't have to spend your time dealing with claims anymore, but you can use your time for your quality: moving.

Moving Items Shop

We now also have our own removal items webshop. We supply the best quality moving boxes, packing items, moving tapes and accessories at the lowest rates. All your removal items will be delivered to your home within 24 hours. Have the necessary items delivered with the job in question and you no longer need any storage space. Save time and money by skipping the delivery and collection of the removal supplies.

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