Storage & Moving boxes

Storage & Moving boxes


Picture this; maybe your new address is not yet accessible, but you are unfortunately obliged to leave the old address. Or; you have chosen to live smaller, however, you still cannot get over your heart to sell parts of your things. Or, who knows, you have decided to make a nice trip around the world before you move into your new home. In all these cases you have to put your stuff away somewhere for a while. 

No worries, of course ScanMovers' moving partners also provide storage! The costs of this storage will be included in the tailor-made quote that you receive via ScanMovers. Many movers manage their own storage. However, you can also opt for the option to store the items in special secure storage areas of third parties.

It is also possible to arrange the storage yourself. The mover must then be properly instructed on how to store the storage space. In the event that you can not be on time to open the storage, the movers must receive an access code or key. Waiting time can lead to a flexible price being a lot more expensive. 


Moving Boxes 

How many moving boxes are you going to need? Making an estimation is not always easy. For a move to a two-room apartment you will quickly already need 20 to 30 moving boxes. A small family uses about 60 moving boxes for a move. A household of 4 to 5 people needs up to 90 moving boxes! 

Moving boxes can be included in the application if requested for. The movers will include this request in the quotation and ensure the purchase and delivery of the moving boxes. After accepting a bid you can agree on the delivery date and time of the boxes with the mover. If you are going to buy moving boxes yourself, you have to take a number of things into account. The most important thing to remember is that you request these boxes in your application. The mover will have to include it in his calculation for the quote.

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These are a few factors that are important when you want to boy high-quality moving boxes:



The quality of a moving box differs greatly per brand. A good moving box can be recognized by the strength of the cardboard and the design. The color of the moving box also says something about quality.


Make sure the moving boxes are never (too) heavy. Otherwise, when picking up the box, it can tear at the handles. Also, if the load is too heavy, the bottom could tear. It would be wise to support the box at the bottom and use preventive tape if necessary.

 Type of moving box:

Moving boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. Some constructions can easily close at once, while other moving boxes require tape. Usually the stronger and more user-friendly the box is, the higher the price. With every move it's wise to buy a number of moving boxes that are specially designed for heavy items. 


Also, when packing the moving boxes you have to think about a number of things. Never pack a moving box too full (prevent possible cracks due to overweight), but also don't leave it too empty. If there are very few items in the moving box, the loose parts can slide, which in turn can result in damage. Therefore, fill the small spaces between the items with newspapers, polystyrene or other similar materials. 

Fragile items are extra vulnerable. This is why we advise customers to pack these items themselves. If you want to have this done by the mover, please ensure that these items can not slide and are packed in a sturdy way.



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