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New York Times and CNN wrote about this wonderful place: Rotterdam is the place to be. This constantly changing and growing city is dynamic, fresh, modern and a bit weird; it’s everything you need! With all kinds of architecture popping up, growing businesses, the international aspect growing and the popular Erasmus University; Rotterdam really is becoming a very attractive city to live in! So, what are you waiting for?

Planning on moving to Rotterdam? Very good idea! ScanMovers will be there to help and support you all the way. So read on for some very useful moving tips and great activities to do in Rotterdam! 


 Moving to Rotterdam from within the Netherlands

If you're moving to Rotterdam from a place within the Netherlands, you just have to take the following steps:

1. When moving to Rotterdam, you have to register yourself at the municipality of Rotterdam. You can do that here online, with use of your DigiD account. You can register yourself at the Rotterdam municipality within 4 weeks before untill 5 days after your mover. When you have registered yourself, you will autimatically be de-registered in your old municipality. 

2. When you have planned your move and booked your mover through ScanMovers; you have to start scheduling and planning your move to Rotterdam. Therefore, we made a moving Checklist that will give you a very handy overview on your move. You can view and download the moving checklist here. 

3. You're going to move to Rotterdam, but you don't have moving boxes yet? At ScanMovers you can easily buy high-guality moving boxes here!



 Immigrating to Rotterdam as EU citizen:

When immigrating to Rotterdam in The Netherlands as an EU citizen, there are a couple of steps you have to take:

1. When moving to Rotterdam, it would be handy to first register yourself at your local ambassy in the Netherlands.

When you're an Eu citizen you only need your passport/proof of identification to move to the Netherlands. You will not need a work/residence permit. However if you're not sure what the requirements for your country are when moving to the Netherlands, you can check the webpage: The Netherlands and You

2. When moving to Rotterdam for longer than 4 months, you have to register yourself at the municipality of Rotterdam within 5 days after your move. To do so, you have to make an appointment with the municipality (Dutch: gemeentehuis) and come by. 

 You can make an online appointment here.

 When moving together with partner and/or kids, they need to come to the appointment too. 

 Bring to your appointment:

- Your passport

- Birth certifate of all people moving

- This permit form filled in, and bring it with you.

- Relevant certificates (marriage, divorce, etc..)

- Rental/purchase contract

3. During this appointment you will receive your BSN-number (burger-service number), which is mandatory to have for every Dutch person and allows you to open up a Dutch bank account and/or request working permits if necessary.


 Immigrating to Rotterdam as a non-EU citizen

When immigrating to Rotterdam as non-EU citizen, you need to follow the next steps:

1. You will need to arrange a long-term entry visa or other permit. For all the precise details of different kinds of visas and their application processes for the Netherlands, you can find more information here.

2. For a permit you have to make an appointment with the IND (Dutch immigration service)

3. When you have completed step 2, you will need to register at the municipality of Rotterdam within 5 days after your move. For the regisration you will have to make an appointment with the municipality of Rotterdam. For your registration you'll need:

- A valid passport/prood of identification

- A valid residence permit by IND or;

- An entry visa (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf — MVV)

- Certificates: birth certificate, and other certificates relevant for your situation (marriage certificate, divorce certificate)

- Your rental/purchase contract



Moving to Rotterdam with ScanMovers

Excited for your move already? We're here to help you execute a perfect stress-free move to Rotterdam! ScanMovers is the first online platform that allows you to search, compare and book your perfect mover! Just fill in your moving details here, and we will start looking for suitable movers immideatly. Within 24 hours you will receive a maximum of 6 moving quotes, which you can then compare. Found the best mover? Let us know and we'll arrange the rest!

Do you have any questions or remarks concerning moving to Rotterdam or ScanMovers? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!


Good luck with your move!

Team ScanMovers

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