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The costs of a moving company are influence by various factors. The three most important factors that decide your costs are: 

1. The costs for the moving company

2. The costs of transport

3. The costs for dis-assembling


 Cost of movers

A move entails a lot of heavy physiscal work. Loading and unloading a moving van is work for a professional mover. 

On average you need three movers for an efficient and smooth move. The more movers are present, the faster the move will take place. In fact, in certain cases you can save money by switching on several movers.

You can also choose to help with your move yourself. You are basically free extra manpower that will make the move go faster. If you help with your move yourself, you have to make sure that you agreed on a quote based on an hourly rate. The difference between a quote based on an hourly price and a quote based on fixed price can be found here.

 Costs of transport

A moving company will estimate what kind of moving they need for your move. When it comes to a very large move, a larger van will be needed. Of course, a moving van of 20 m3 will be cheaper than a moving van of 50 m3.

In some cases, the use of two small vans is cheaper than one large removal van. In almost all cases, the driver of a moving van helps with the move too.

The costs for transport also include the costs for the number of kilometers driven to the new address. In many cases, moving companies charge a fixed price per kilometer driven. The depreciation of the moving van also relates to the costs of transport. However, this is not a huge cost item.

 The costs of dis-assembling

When you move, you can indicate to your mover, whether you have items that need to be disassembled and / or assembled. This is an extra service that movers offer and therefore involves extra costs. You can also choose to only let the movers disassemble. Logically, this will cost you less. If you arrange all this yourself, it will obviously be a lot cheaper.

 Remaining costs

In addition to the costs for a moving company, transport and (dis) assembly costs, or any other costs may have to be incurred. It may be that a parking permit or parking exemption is required for your move. Again, this must be clearly communicated with the mover. If desired, the mover can take this up in his request.

The moving van needs to be placed in front of your house to make the move as efficient as possible. If this is not possible, you have to apply for a parking permit at the municipality.

In addition, you can order moving boxes from the mover as an extra service. In some cases these moving boxes are free, but more often there are costs involved. You can also choose to have the movers pack your things and unpack them. However, you have to realize that, just as with the (dis) assembling, extra costs will then be involved.

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 Urgent move & weekend service

You can also choose to have a moving company do an urgent move or a move in the weekend. However, for a number of moving companies in the Netherlands, weekend supplements apply. So you can save money if you move during the week instead of moving in the weekend! 

Supplements are usually around 25 percent on Saturday and around 75 percent on Sunday. The costs for an urgent move vary per removal company. These costs depend on the amount of movers that are still available at the company on that day.

 Costs of mover

By listing the above information, we hope it becomes clear for you, which components compile the price your move. For exact prices, it is important to fill in all the details of your move. Hereafter, ScanMovers will ensure that you receive moving quotes from three to five moving companies within 24 hours. Following this, you can determine which mover suits you best, and if needed consult an independent consultant from ScanMovers to help you with your choice.


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