Hey Expat! Need To Move Home In Amsterdam? Here Is How

Relocation Tips | 1/30/19 | 2 Minutes read time

Tips for expats to move home in Amsterdamsmiley

It happens to every expat: you are living the cool life in your totally awesome apartment on the Herengracht, then one rainy you hook up with a hot Dutch girl, a baby is born, and your place is suddenly too small. Time to move! But how do you do that? The moving business is famously crowded. How do you find that one reliable moving company you really need?

Check this list by ScanMovers.com to know what to watch out for:

1) Go Localenlightened

Moving home in Amsterdam is notoriously difficult. Just think about the chaotic traffic, the narrow roads, and the infamous municipal parking policy. Navigating Amsterdam is difficult in the best of times. Try to imagine going about with a moving truck! A local Amsterdam removal company is familiar with all these problems and can work with it, or around  it...

2) Moving Liftenlightened

Check if the moving company uses moving lifts. Many buildings in Amsterdam are high and narrow, with small staircases and steep stairs. It is often impossible, and sometimes even illegal, to manually move large pieces of furniture or heavy boxes. That is why you need a moving elevator for most home relocations. 

3) Plan your move well in advanceenlightened

Amsterdam is a city that is always on the move. There are hundreds of relocations every day, and moving companies are busy. Some companies work with waiting lists, and others simply refuse customers if they are fully booked.

4) Decide on your budgetenlightened

Moving companies in Amsterdam come in all sorts and kinds, ranging from student-run budget moving companies to high-end professionals. Prices can vary widely, depending on the company, the season, and the amount of stuff you need to ship. Decide on a maximum budget before you move, and stick to it.

5) Reliable or not?enlightened

Starting a moving company in Holland is easy. Everyone can do it! In recent years new moving companies have been popping up almost daily. Make sure you check out the online reviews, and ask around in your neighbourhood. 

Gee, thanks for the tips. But that still sounds, like, complicated. I just wish there was an online moving platform where I can easily compare and book moving companies in Amsterdam!

Guess what? That platform existsyes

ScanMovers.com is an independent moving platform, founded in 2016 out of frustration with the opaque moving market. On the website of ScanMovers.com you can compare moving companies for free and without any obligations.

All moving companies im Amsterdam that are working ScanMovers have been carefully screened, and ScanMovers uses an independent relocation-company review system.

It works very simple: fill in your relocation data, make an estimate on how much stuff you have, and within a few hours you will receive tailor-made relocation offers from reliable moving companies in Amsterdam. Made your choice? Book immediately, and you are ready to move.

Good luck with the new familylaugh!

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Hey Expat! Need To Move Home In Amsterdam? Here Is How

Tips for expats to move home in Amsterdam

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