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ScanMovers is a fast-growing comparison platform that arose from frustration with a move back in 2017. The founders of Scanmovers realized that the market was not transparent, it was hopelessly outdated and comparison of moving companies took too much time and effort. This must be possible to do better! 

Here at ScanMovers, we revolutionized every step of the preparation process of all forms of moves, without actually moving a box ourselves. For example, we have launched our own insurance, we help moving companies with new websites, we take over customer service and sell moving equipment. We have already contributed to more than 100,000 relocations within 2 years. 

We are expanding, and are well on the way to helping customers worldwide. ScanMovers is now available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark. Our vision is to contribute to as many moves as possible. We see it as our mission to deliver better quality, better service and more transparency for both the customers and our partners.

The ScanMovers team also wants to take on the responsibility to better the environment. We try to combine moving trips; When we travel from A to B we always check if there is still space and if there is a trip from B to A the same day. That way we save on travel and help reduce CO2. We are also fully committed to the electrification of the traditional moving vans, which we have received a grant to continue with in the future!

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Coming soon: the stressfree moving app for both movers and clients!

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Meet the team

Boyan Nijpels Founder
Maurits Founder
Daniel Hanemann Chief Marketing Officer
Noah Chief Technology Officer
Robbert-Jan Sweerts Salesmanager
Jurriaan Steenbreker Account Manager
Khalid el Khattab Front-end Developer
Sjors de Boer Customer Service
Tommy Takken Customer Service
Kevin Ebell Chief Innovation Officer
Youri Spoor Merchant Success
Osman Ozturk UX/UI Designer
Miir Franken Business Intelligence
Tycho de Feijter Content Manager
Daniel Freichel Country Launcher Belgium & Luxembourg
Christine Thuesen Country Launcher Denmark
Lea Hoffmann Country Launcher Germany & Austria
Thomas Deciderius-Poulsen Country Launcher Denmark and Norway
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