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1. General

Through the website you can fill in the details of your move. You can also inventory your furniture in an online form. We will then check your request after which (local) movers can quote on your move.

You will receive a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 quotes in your personal dashboard. Here you can compare all your received quotes and chat with the movers about determining your move's planning and/or ask any questions. Of course you can also call, mail, or chat with your own personal, independent advisor, who will help you make the right decisions. Next, you can accept one of the quotes. The mover you chose, will then start arranging everything for your move, so you can have a smooth and stress-free move!
For payment you will have to pay your mover and not ScanMovers. Most movers would like you to pay on the day of the move itself. The payment period differs per mover and will be communicated in the Terms and Conditions of the mover. With each quote, information of possible payment methods will be included (cash, debit card, Ideal, creditcard and/or invoice).
When you have requested your quotes, you can easily edit your details by using the button "change request" in your personal dashboard. Next to this, you can chat with movers who quoted on your request. You can ask all your questions related to data, times, address details, adding of furniture, change of living situation, etc... Please note! When quotes have been put out, any change made after, could influence the costs.

Also when a quote has been accepted, you can chat or call with the mover about adding possible changes. However, there is a chance that these changes can be declined by the mover. Of course, this depends on what kind of changes you want to implement. You can prevent this by carefully filling in a detailed request.
The insurance policies differ per mover and are included in the profile of the mover. If the moving company uses insurance offered by ScanMovers, then you are insured up to an amount of 100.000 euros. You can view the profile of the mover when the mover has put out a quote.
Things can be stored for an indefinite period by the moving companies. During the process of filling in your details, you will get a question about "storage" in which you can indicate if and how long you want your things to be stored. This question will be taken into account and specified upon in the mover's quotes.
It sometimes happens that you are not yet certain of your new address or your exact moving date. If you do not yet know your exact moving date, please give us an estimation. You can still change the date when communicating with the mover who quoted on your move.

Address changes can be communicated to the mover via the chat. Every living situation is different, which sometimes means that the quote price needs to be adjusted after changes have been made.
It is important that the moving van can be parked in front of the houses. You are responsible for arranging enough parket space. Request a permit on the website of your municipality, at least two weeks before your move. Permit or not, reserve a spot at least one day before the move, so that you can be sure that the moving van fits in front of your house.
When the moving lift or van blocks the street, an exemption permit or temporary traffic action is needed. This permit can be easily arranged at your municipality's website. Unless, it has been discussed, a parking permit is not included in your moving price.
It sometimes happens that only some (big) furniture pieces need to be moved. This is not a problem at all, just select the furniture and receive non-binding quotes!
In some cases is may be wise and/or necessary to use a moving lift during your move. For example, you will need a moving lift if your things do not fit through your hallways or staircase. Next to this, your move will be quicker with a moving lift and the chance of damage on your inventory will decrease. However, it should be possible for the moving lift to park in front of your house. When a moving lift will block the street for a while, you have to arrange a parking permit. You can easily request a parking permit through the website of your municipality.
Movers are screened and checked thoroughly before they can register on our platform. Next to this, all certificates of the movers are checked on originality. These certificates can be seen in the profile of the mover when a mover has quoted on your move.

For the sake of a safe and trusted platform that assures quality for its customers and movers, we make use of reviews. Every review will be checked on originality.

Want to know more about this subject? Read our blog on A detahow you can check the originality of reviews.
A detailed inventory list (when filled in completely) means that a taxation by the mover at home is not needed. This means that you can save on the costs of the mover coming by for an appointment, that would have been included in your total moving price.

Inventory lists will be checked. When in doubt, you will be contacted to clear up the situation. We encourage you to include foto's and/or descriptions, so that estimations and quotes can be adjusted accordingly.

2. Inventory

Fill in all furniture that needs to be moved in the document. Try to do this as detailed as possible to receive accurate quotes. Next, your request will be send to multiple movers and you will receive quotes very soon. You will receive a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 quotes.
You can only edit you request once, after it has been sent. In your personal dashboard you have to click on the button 'edit request'. You can also immediately chat with the mover about changes, after a quote has been made on your move.
Via the chat, questions can be asked to your personal advisor or directly at the mover who quoted on your request.
We advise you to upload as much photo's as possible of the room and things you want to move. This will give the mover more insight on your move and allows the mover to create a specific, detailed quote.


Every mover decides upon this themselves. Contact the mover if you have specific questions about this subject. Questions can be asked via the chat or in the quote.
Through ScanMovers you can be sure of receiving at least 3 quotes within 48 hours on your personal portal or per email. There is a maximum of 6 movers that can quote your move. Would it be the case that several quotes are withdrawn, it will be possible again for other movers to quote on your move.
The moment you accept your quote, your move will be set. You cannot choose another mover anymore, or cancel your move. However, the moving date is not binding. The date could be changed when discussed with the mover, it the mover has time. The mover will also receive your contact details and you will receive all the details of your mover. Next to this, it will be possible to chat with your mover through our platform. This can be done before ánd after you have accepted your quote. We advise you to keep in touch with your mover, to make your move go smoothly and without complications.

Did you accept a quote but want to cancel now? Read the Terms & Conditions of the mover to whom your costs are bound to.
Requesting a quote on our website is entirely free and non-binding, you can withdraw your request at any time.

4. After acceptance of a quote

After you have accepted a quote from a mover, you are able to chat with the mover. You can ask any question related to data, times, address-details, changes, adding furniture, change of living situation. Please note: any changes you make can influence your costs. Changes can also be declined by your mover.
After you have accepted a mover's quote, a chat-session will be opened in which you can ask any question to your mover and vice-versa. The movers will indicate their preference for type of communication through the platform, so that all appointments and information will be located and saved at one central point.
After you have filled in your inventory list, a personal dashboard will be openend in which you can receive quotes. In your personal dashboard you can add photos of rooms and furniture. We advise you to at least add 1 photo of each room to decrease the chance that the mover could be surprised; this could result in a delayed planning and move.
Sometimes it occurs that your move gets cancelled. The cancellation terms of the moving companies differ from each other. Please read the T&Cs of your chosen moving company to see which costs are applicable when cancelling. In any case, communicate your cancellation to the moving company as soon as possible.

5. Order moving boxes

Moving boxes can be arranged in your quote too. Movers will take into account boxes in their quotes too. Moving boxes can be rented as well as bought. The details of the boxes' delivery date can be timely communicated with the mover.

6. Reviews

For every executed move, customers can review the mover. This review can be positive, negative or neutral and you can add short descriptions. We check all the reviews on authenticity.

7. Damage

You are moving under the Terms and Conditions of the mover. Damage claims will be handled according to these terms.

ScanMovers cannot be held responsible for any damage made during the move. The mover arranges terms and conditions specified to the quote they bring out on the platform; you accept these terms when accepting the quote.
What am I insured for?
Your inventory is insured up to a maximum of EUR 100.000. Additional insured amounts are:
- maximum of EUR 2.500 for jewelry
- maximum of EUR 10.000 for computers, equipment, tablets, laptops, (mobile) telephones
- maximum of EUR 10.000 for
What should I do? The value of my items is higher than the maximum insured amounts
Feel free to contact us. We will offer you additional insurance.

Are all damage causes covered?
Yes, this insurance covers all material damage during transport, packing and (dis) assembling.

Are my belongings insured during storage ?
This insurance covers two weeks of interim storage of your inventory within the Netherlands, for free. There are special conditions attached to it. Please visit www.scanmovers.com/voorwaarden.

Where do I report damage?
In case of damage, please visit www.scanmovers.com/schade. You use the codes on the insurance certificate to report damage.

What happens if the mover causes damage to my old or new home?
In that case, you report the damage to the moving company. Your move is subject to the terms and conditions of the moving company. The moving company will process your report further.

I do not have a receipt for my damaged items. What evidence can I send the moving company?
Please send us a photo of the damaged items with brand and model visible on it. Are brand and model missing? Then use the description to share the information with us. You can also send a photo and a print screen of the current purchase price.

How does it work with the deductible?
The deductible excess amounts EUR 100 per incident. For example, if you have EUR 110 damage the insurance then reimburses EUR 10.
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