Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Moving to a new place is a lot of fun, however, it can also be a stressful and time-consuming experience. “Where do I start?”, “Where should I report my address change?”, “Did I really think of everything?” “Did I forget Kevin?”- are questions that pop up in these moments. And we don’t want that, - right?

At ScanMovers we understand these questions like no other. That’s why we created a Moving Checklist, so that you won’t forget anything during your move. Go through this list step by step and you’ll see that your move will go exactly as planned!


 Moving Checklist before the move:


1. Compare and book a moving company through ScanMovers

2. Cancel the rent of your old house on time.

3. Decide upon the exact date of your move, this could come in handy.

4. If you would like to move during the week, tell your boss, on time, that you would like to have a day off.

5. Determine a budget for your move.

6. Make an assessment and planning for any possible rebuilding on your new/old home.

7. Arrange help for you move; you could ask friends or family to help you out?

8. Check if there is enough parking space around your house or if needed, arrange a parking permit for the day of your move.

9. Check if you need a moving lift to get your belongings in your new house.

10. Make an appointment for handing over the keys of both your old and new home.

11. If you have children and/or pets, arrange a babysitter voor during the day of the move.


 Communicate your change of address as quickly as possible to:

1. Family & Friends

2. Employer

3. Municipality(-ies) and government (NL: MijnOverheid)

4. Dentist, general practitioner and pharmacy

5. Bank- and insurance company

6. Other insurances, such as a household insurance or a liability insurance.

7. Associations and subscriptions

8. Educational institutions

9. Tax authorities

10. Gas, water and energy suppliers

11. Internet, TV and phone supplier

12. If you live in the Netherlands you can pass on your address change to PostNL. They will make sure that most of your post will be sent directly to your new address.


 It’s also handy to:

1. Make a list of all the furniture and belongings you want to take with you and which furniture and belongings you want to leave behind/sell.

2. Create a plan on packing your moving boxes. Where are you going to start and what do you want in each moving box?

3. If you’re going to pack and unpack yourself, make sure you have enough moving boxes, tape and bubble wrap.


 Start with packing your boxes!

1. Make sure that your most valuable belongings and documents are held apart from the rest of your stuff. Always keep these within a hand’s reach.

2. Arrange a moving box/bag with stuff you’ll need the first three or four days in your new house.

3. Clean and tidy up your old house; don’t forget to clean the freezer and fridge! This always takes more time than you want/hope…

4. Disassemble furniture

5. Tie up your washer and dryer

6. Take down the curtains


 Moving checklist during the move:

1. Inform your moving company clearly on what needs to happen during the move.

2. Make sure you’re always reachable (charge your phone and turn the sound on) for the moving company.

3. Check if all the keys you need for the move are in your bag. So for example the keys to your storage, the garage, the houses, the gate, etc…

4. Write down your last meter reading (gas, electricity)

5. Make sure to make a nice lunch for your helping hands. After all that carrying and lugging with moving boxes, a nice lunch will definitely be appreciated! Food is the way to the heart huh ;)

6. When the move is done, make sure to meet your new neighbours!


 Moving Checklist after the move:

1. When you moved to a new municipality, make sure to register yourself at the new municipality.

2. Unpack your moving boxes and give your belongings a lovely new place in your new home.

3. Switch on the electricity and connect your electric devices.

4. Hang up the curtains

5. Assemble your furniture

6. Send moving cards “WE SURVIVED THE MOVE!”

7. Arrange a housewarming for your friends and new neighbours of course!

8. Congratulations you’ve successfully moved to your new palace!


 Are you moving with your company? We also have a very handy moving checklist focused on a company move, which you can find here.

 International move -planning?


Good luck with your move!

Team ScanMovers

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