10 Moving Tips & Tricks


Good preparation for your move is very important. That's why ScanMovers has put together 10 moving tips & tricks to make your move go as smooth and efficiently as possible!


 Moving tip #1: Give as much information as possible to the movers

Good and accurate information provision is essential. A move is an accumulation of complex processes and variables that, to some extent, depend on each other. Think of the amount of things that need to be moved, the distance, the number of rooms that need to be emptied and the number of people that are moving.

More complex variables are, for example, the walking routes, the special dimensions of a particular piece of furniture or the distance from the parking place of the moving van to the front door. The walking route for an apartment on the 8th floor of a building with a gallery of 80 meters to the front door, for example, differs greatly from an apartment on the ground floor directly accessable from the street.

The above variables can differ greatly, depending on ones housing situation, the size of furniture and the type of home. When in doubt, photos of situations, dimensions of corridors, descriptions and even videos are very useful. Make sure that the mover does not get surprised!

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that private individuals deliberately give up too little  on their request, to get a lower price. We strongl advise against this as it causes a wrong planning on the day of the move and a lot of chaos for both the mover and you! As a result, your costs can quickly get out of hand, making your move way more expensive.


 Moving tip #2: A good preperation

Make sure that all your items and boxes are packed and ready before the start of the move. Try to disassemble all items that have to be disassembled, unless otherwise agreed with the mover. Ideally, all furniture is covered. Indicate with stickers what needs to be done during the move. In addition, numbering and writing can be used to indicate where the furniture should be placed at the new address.

If no preparations have been made, the planning of a move can dramatically wrong. Rushing is rarely good and this certainly applies in the case of a move. Do not underestimate the work; a good preparation makes everything go smooth and quickly.


 Moving tip #3: Moving in the weekend and at the end of the month, is more expensive 

People like to move on weekends, so they do not have to take days off. Also, due to the expiration of rental or purchase contracts, many moves are carried out at the end of the month. Movers quickly have a busy schedule and they respond to this increased demand with their prices. Extra smoving supplements can get up to 25% on a saturday and 75% on sundays! Therefore, we advise you not to plan your move in the weekend or at the end of the month. No other choice? Then try to book at least as early as possible.


 Moving tip #4: Use our checklist

Moving is a major experience and it's therefore logical that you might forget something. However, this can be prevented by using our checklist! The ScanMovers checklist is made in consultation with our experienced moving partners.


 Moving tip #5: Take your time to compare moving quotes

It is important that you fully support your choice for a specific moving company. To obtain a first impression, you will find an introduction to the moving company included in all quotes. Furthermore, each moving company has different terms & conditions. For example, there are major differences in the cost calculation, the insured amount and guarantees. Therefore, take a good look through the offers carefully before you make a decision.


 Moving tip #6: Protect fragile materials

Of course, the mover will ensure that your belongings are safely and protected in the moving van and during the entire move. However, to make it even safer, we advise you to have your vulnerable materials transported in their original packaging if possible. After all, your things will be lugged and carried around! When you do not have these packages anymore, double plastic or bubble wrap is a good option too. 


 Moving tip #7: Plan enough time for your move

A small problem during a move can already ensure that the entire process could be delayed. When there is time pressure during your move, this could be at the expense of the prudence and accuracy of the work and could result in extra costs or damage! Try to avoid this situation by calculating sufficient time in advance for your move! 


 Moving tip #8: Request a parking permit in time 

For a move to be well-executed, there should be a short distance between the house and the place where the moving van can park, for both the old and the new address. When a parking permit or temporary traffic measure is necessary, this must be requested at least one week in advance. This way, there is still time to take other measures if the application is rejected.

Except for the moving van, it is also possible that an request/application has to be made for the placing of an external moving lift. You yourself can best estimate whether the moving van (s) and / or the lift wil block the road for regular traffic during the move. 


 Moving tip #9:  Considering additional services

In preparation for your move, moving boxes often have to be packed with smaller items and / or pieces of furniture need to be disassembled / assembled. Ask yoursel the questions; do all things fit through the hallways and the stairs or do things still have to go through the window with a moving lift? These are important questions that can affect your move.

It is important to clearly state in the application whether you want this work to be carried out by the mover. This way a realistic estimate can be made of what your move will cost.


 Moving tip #10:  Considering additional services

In order to be able to make a correct assessment of your move, it is preferred to submit your request as detailed as possible. We advise you to go through the house / apartment room for a room and indicate all the items on the request form. In this way, important details can not be overlooked. A big difference between the specified inventory list and the actual situation can unfortunately cause a lot of problems..


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