Possible Moving Costs

5/23/18 | 2 Minutes read time

General overview of possible moving costs

Found a new house? Congratulations! Moving is very exciting and a lot of fun, as a new period in your life is about to start! However, a move can often be quite stressfull and time-consuming. You can do your move all by yourself and ask your friends and family for help, though, of course there is the possibility to hire a mover who does everything for you too! Sounds a bit more relaxing right?  

If you choose to hire professional movers to help you, it is wise to first compare a couple of movers. This way, you will get a better overview of all your possible moving costs and how different movers differ in their charging of costs. By doing so, you will eventually be able to find a mover that best fits your move, preffered price and moving wishes! The eventual moving costs, of course differ per mover. However, there are a few factors we see coming back in every moving quote. Therefore, we will now be giving you a general overview on some possible costs you will defenitely find back at every movers' quote. 


Costs of the movers 

Firstly, every mover charges costs for their movers. These movers bring your stuff to your new home and help with loading and unloading. Your eventual costs will depend on a couple of aspects. The mover will estimate how many movers are needed for your move and how long they will have to take to succesfully complete your move.  Every mover has their own charges when it comes costs for movers, so these costs will differ per moving company. 

 Costs of moving van

Secondly, their will be costs charged for a moving van. Again, this price can differ per mover and also depends on quite a few other factors. How big is the inventory that needs to be moved? Do you have to move large furniture? How far away is your new adddress from your old address? These factors influence how big your moving van has to be, which has an influence on the final costs of course. Next to this, movers can charge an amount for kilometric compensation and/or pre-travel costs to get to your old address. Therefore, we advise you to always carefully read your received quotes and the terms and conditions of the movers. 

 Extra moving costs 

How big your extra moving costs will be, depends on the possible extra services you need to complete your move. It could be the case that you'll need to hire a moving lift at your mover as you're moving to a high floor. Also, if you want to move on a festive day or in the weekend, you'll have a high chance of expecting an extra supplement. You will also have the possibility to ask for extra services, such as help with un-packing boxes or dis-assembling your furniture. How much these costs will be, depend on you of course. 


Moving with ScanMovers 

Are you interested in what various movers could offer you? At ScanMovers you can receive a maximum of 6 moving quotes from different movers for free and compare them! This way you will find a mover that fits your wishes best in an eye blink! Sounds good right? 

Do you still have questions about comparing movers or requesting quotes? Please contact us here or call us (tel: 085 303 5229), and our personal advisors will help you with every question! 

Good luck with your move!

Team ScanMovers

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