Press Release: Second round of seed capital for ScanMovers

Press releases | 12/19/18 | 3 Minutes read time

Independent ScanMovers moving platform receives €750.000 in second round of seed capital
Financing for an app that prevents moving stress and makes the moving sector more flexible


Amsterdam, December 18, 2018 - ScanMovers, the independent moving platform from the Netherlands, receives a new investment of 750,000 euros tied to growth KPI’s from a group of angel investors with a background in e-commerce, tech and insurance. With this second investment round, the startup wants to make the home removal market more transparent. Scanmovers is going to use these resources to develop technology that enables the sharing of moving personnel and an app that makes moving stress-free. ScanMovers is the largest moving platform in the Benelux and now has a total funding of 1.25 million euros.

"We solve a concrete problem: the price differences between movers are enormous, but more expensive movers are not always better. We will use this investment to help the moving sector to innovate even further and to make moving easier for everybody. This new group of investors shares our vision that this removal sector can be organised more efficiently by using the same principles from the sharing economy. This flexibility benefits both the mover and the end consumer," says Boyan Nijpels, founder of ScanMovers.


Moving market made flexible

ScanMovers previously launched an innovative moving insurance with Meijers Assurantiën, where all movers can pay a premium per move instead of per month. The startup wants to make the moving world even more flexible and efficient. This is the reason why ScanMovers innovates in the field of HR and the general operations of a move. Next year, the startup will launch a new sharing platform for workers and buses.

Here, moving companies can also find reserved moves, which can not be executed due to unforeseen circumstance or combination moves. With moving helpers, orders and buses accessible in the cloud, it will be possible to operate more flexibly. In theory, a freelance could even start a moving company on her own, having access to a flexible fleet and workforce.

Nijpels: "This saves removal companies costs and enables them to respond to the spikes in demand. Most moves take place at the end of the month or over the weekend. It is still difficult to find last minute personnel. If moving companies were to organise their staff more flexibly, they can save about twenty percent on their fixed costs. If they pass this on to their customers, everybody wins.


App that relieves stress

ScanMovers is working on an app that will remove the stress associated with the move. Nijpels: "Moving is in the top three of the most stressful life experiences. As a result, you do not always have an eye for everything that needs to be prepared. Our app to be released next year will take the consumer and mover through all the steps that need to be taken. This makes every move run smoothly: no one forgets the parking permit for the moving van or arranging an external lift. This saves the consumer and mover a lot of worries, frustration and time.”


About ScanMovers

ScanMovers was founded at the end of 2016 by Maurits Koopman and Boyan Nijpels and has been live since 2017. The platform provides insight into the prices, reviews and different service levels of movers. This makes the removal market transparent. The movers platform takes care of this, because ScanMovers is the independent point of contact and takes over the communication with the mover. ScanMovers is the largest independent removal platform in the Benelux. About half of all Dutch movers are connected to the platform. For more information, see: www.scanmovers.com.


Note for the editors

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