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Every available mover on one clear platform.


For most people, moving is not really seen as a nice thing... So it is not that crazy that moving comes back in all top-5 lists of biggest stress-causes in life! Furthermore, finding a mover that has a just price-quality ratio, isn’t the easiest thing to do too. How do you know which mover best fits your wishes, your budget and your inventory? Moreover, did you know that the offer in movers is very diverse?


To help you with all of this, we founded ScanMovers. Our mission is to have all movers available on one clear platform and make it easy for you to compare and book your perfect mover! We want to make the moving market transparent for everybody. We want to achieve that moving can be arranged in no-time.


We are ScanMovers; the first independent online platform that compares all available movers for your move. With our process we want to answer the biggest question:


“Which mover fits best with my budget and type of move?”


We want to create comfort and efficiency for both our customers and movers. You can easily fill in your inventory-list on our website. Next, we will make sure that within 24 hours , available movers in all price categories make a specific moving quote for your move. The movers will also profit from this process, as its allows suitable customers to easily reach them.  


This way, you will find your perfect mover within no-time. Choose your mover based upon price, reviews, certificates, terms & conditions and insurance terms. Didn’t find your perfect mover? No problem! Our service is entirely free and non-binding and we shall not rest until you have found your ideal mover!


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