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Nothing is better than a helping hand with your move!

Scour the internet and you will see that there's a huge amount of moving companies that can assist you with your move. So many movers, that you don't know where to start searching anymore! What is the best option for you? Which mover has the best price? Which mover offers the best service? ScanMovers can make this easier for you by comparing movers! By creating and offering suitable moving offers, ScanMovers tries to guide you as well as possible in choosing a moving company that fully meets all your needs. Therefore, we've put together a list with a number of points you should take into account when comparing movers.



Cheap versus expensive

When you're planning on moving, you obviously find it important to be able to make a good estimate of the costs in advance. If you receive a moving quote at ScanMovers, you will see that this price probably consists of several components.

First of all, it may be the case that the movers calculate costs for the walking route they have to cover for the move. It is therefore important that you clearly indicate the distance the movers will have to cover to get to your house and back to the van again. Movers like to be well-informed so that careful and accurate work can be done according to their tight schedule.

Proper preparation can ensure that you price could ultimately remain below the target price. It helps if you have packed everything before the arrival of the movers and are ready to load everything in. However, with a move you always have the chance that you'll have tp deal with unexpected factors, which may result in a higher price. 

In addition, the price on your quote can be higher than you expected, because the mover calculates the risk of a possible run-out in advance. The post calculation of the costs is a very important aspect when comparing movers. Movers try to estimate the costs of a move as well as possible, however, it is difficult to rule out a case where, for example, a longer walking route has to be taken or that a sofa just does not fit through the corridor. These cases could result in the move taking longer than planned. This is why it is important that your movers knows what to expect in advance.

With a small move, however, these scenarios will rarely be the case, as the risks are easier to estimate. Even with a very large move, the chance of a substantial post-calculation is minimal, since the movers take into account a certain margin of error beforehand.

We also advise you to carefully review the terms and conditions of the movers. More information about these conditions can be found at the end of this page. 




ScanMovers attaches great value to customer and company reviews. Each review is submitted by both the mover and the customer. The reviewing process at ScanMovers goes as follows:

 After the move has succesfully been completed, you will receive an invitation to review both the mover and the ScanMovers platform.

 Before your response is published, the mover gets the chance to respond to the review. This communication takes place on an internal dashboard of ScanMovers.

 ScanMovers checks whether the review is written truthfully. The language use of the reviews should always be civilized. ScanMovers reserves the right to refuse or amend review if this would be unseemly. The review (good or less good) will be made public after the inspection. 



As with any profession, experience and professionalism also play a very important role for movers. An experienced mover works smarter and is better attuned to other movers in the moving team. The chances of damage, complaints or delays are considerably smaller with experienced movers. It is therefore wise to look at how long the relevant mover has been working in the field, when you're comparing movers.

On you can see on the movers' profile how many moves have been carried out via our platform. A bigger number of moves carried out, gives a greater degree of reliability. However, it may be that the mover has just been connected to the platform, therefore, doesn't have that many moves yet. The number of moves carried out via this platform, however, serves as a guideline.



In the moving world, a number of certificates, licenses or (quality marks) are issued. There are also branch organizations. The most important moving certificates and similar cases are summarized below. 


Erkende Verhuizers  

Approximately half of the movers in the Netherlands are members of the trade association of Erkende Verhuizers (Recognized Movers). A moving company that can call itself a "Erkende Verhuizer" must comply with the agreed general terms and conditions, guarantee and insurance of Erkende Verhuizers. This certificate is considered favorable by many customers.

Erkende Verhuizers must also comply with environmental, quality and safety requirements. An umbrella party has been appointed to check these requirements. An Erkende Verhuizer is also expected to employ experienced and qualified personnel.


The NIWO (National and International Road Transport Organization) is the permit provider for road transport. According to the 'Road Transport Goods' Act, the NIWO grants Eurocommissions to approximately 12,000 transport companies that are active in the Netherlands with transport of goods by road. The licensing requirement applies to national and international transport for vehicles with a capacity of more than 500 kg, this way, also for many movers.

ISO 9001

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international organization that has established a number of regulations. If a company meets their requirements, they can receive a certificate. In order to achieve the ISO 9001 standard requirements, the organization must critically assess its existing management system in order to, if necessary, adapt existing processes and procedures accordingly. 

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a standard in the field of environmental management developed by the ISO. With the help of an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, the environmental risks of the business operations can be controlled and possibly even reduced.


The AEO Certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is issued by the Customs to organizations that are active at an international level. The AEO concept is about ensuring a safe traffic of goods throughout all the logistics link. The focus of this certificate is on evaluating the safeguards themselves and the security procedures in general, not on the audit of individual goods transactions.

The AEO concept is based on the security of the entire supply chain (chain approach). For example, the flow of goods from the producer to the customer is scrutinized. Outside of the EU, other systems apply. These systems, however, are similar to the AEO concept. Comparison is possible thanks to a standard developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). 


VCA stands for "Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu Checklist Aannemers" (En: Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors) and is intended to ensure that contractors work in a safe manner and reduce their number of accidents. In fact, VCA is much more than a checklist. It is a versatile program with which service companies are tested and certified on their SHE management system. The VCA certificate is made compulsory due to an increasing amount of customers.


The FIDI-FAIM certification program (FIDI Accredited International Mover) requires international movers to have a periodic independent assessment of their intercontinental moving activities carried out by means of autonomous research. This research is carried out every three years.

This guarantees that FIDI companies operate according to a general worldwide standard, so that international moving services can be carried out consistently, qualitatively well and effectively. It also provides a transparent mechanism that ensures a consistently high standard.

From the point of view of the customer, a FAIM-certified company gives confidence that the company knows the market. In this way they remain aware of the required sources and know-how to carry out the work in the right way. 


The Federation of European Movers Association (FEDEMAC) is a European organisation set up to promote the moving industry at a European level. Membership mainly consists out of national moving associations.


The IAM stands for International Association of Movers and represents over 2000 companies in more than 170 countries. In addition to movers, also partners who specialize in supplying all kinds of services related to relocations are affiliated. Joining IAM means strength, trust, diversity, ethics, reliability and accountability. 


Terms and Conditions

The general- and insurance conditions can vary greatly between movers. Erkende Verhuizers score well on insurance (at least up to € 100,000) and guarantee. Other movers score well on cancellation conditions and payment for overtime hours. We recommend that every customer reads the general terms and conditions of each mover before accepting a bid.

The Terms & Conditions of ScanMovers can be found here.

Compare movers

Comparing all these components of the movers ensures that you can make an informed decision. You can also take a look at ScanMovers for the facets that you find important in a mover.



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